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  • Very high energy density cells can power from 3U to microsatellite missions

  • Unique containment technology prevents swelling of the cells in a vacuum

  • The double-sided arrays can be used as serial or parallel (3.4V to 4.2V, or 7.4V to 8.4V) user configurable

  • Perfectly coupled with our DSA Deployable Solar Arrays

  • Multiple redundant cells ensure mission survivability

  • Multiple TITAN arrays can be connected in series or parallel enabling ultra-high-power missions

  • Designed for LEO missions and requirements

  • Stand-alone charge port available

  • High discharge capable for deep cycle payloads up to 700W

  • Manufactured with space grade materials according to space standards and custom mission design

  • Functional, performance, thermal bake out and vibration tests provided with documentation.

  • Compatible with ISIS and Pumpkin Structures and compliant to CubeSat Standard

  • Charging cables provided by default and custom Interface available

TITAN-1 350Whr High Energy Density Battery Matrix

From €40,000

The TITAN-1 350Whr High Energy Density Battery Matrix is a 1U-sized power bank module built from 7 battery arrays designed to provide the highest energy capacity and redundancy: Its power capacity is 50 Whr per battery module, giving a total of 350 Whr. For missions from 3U Cubesats to microsatellites. TITAN enables your system to perform longer and better and pack as much power as a microsatellite configuration. All our batteries are fully customizable to your mission’s need in terms of output, cable, connectors or interfaces and options are available as integrated Carbon Nanotubes Thermal Transfer Bus (CN/TTB) shield which allows missions to reuse the spacecraft self-generated heat, and integrated thermal sensor.

Availability:  6-8 weeks


  • Full Engineering Support

  • Test Reports and ICD

  • Interconnect and Interface Cables

  • UN38.3, MSDS, CoO certificates







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