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Cubesat Market is a commercial space company created with the purpose of promoting and marketing EXA space technology.  

As EXA is merely a research and development institution leading  ecuadorian space program,  its primary mission is not to market their products. Therefore EXA has trusted Cubesat Market as well as other space market companies, the commercialization of their space products.

How we started

How we started


As there was an increasingly need in recent years in the space community for acquiring EXA's space technology and EXA, as a R&D institution could not commercialize their technology, the need for having a partnership with a commercial space company emerged.

Our Hardware Advantage

Hardware Advantage

Our products are sinergically designed to function in extreme environments with extreme requirements. The result ia feature-dense, high-efficiency, extreme hardware that pushes the limits of orbital technologies and capabilities. We can do twice the work for half the size.



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