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  • A satellite in one card, 25mm thick

  • 3v3@3.6A, 5V@3A, 12V@3A and unregulated power rails, adjustable per user request.

  • High speed Laser communications up to 10 Mbps, 400nm – 450nm (visible blue/purple) adjustable beam aperture with integrated thermal control.

  • USB 2.0 60MB/s read/write internal architecture with 8 external ports available for use.

  • 4 UMMPT Channels 16V@2A each for maximum simultaneous solar power harnessing.

  • Integrated automatic management of release/deploy mechanisms.

  • Onboard SSD storage up to 512 Gigabytes.

  • Epik Z2 OBC with integrated IMU and 2 SDRs from 70 MHz to 6 GHz, Linux programmable.

  • Perfectly coupled with our DSA Deployable Solar Arrays, SEAM/NEMEA Shielding, and BA0x batteries

  • Manufactured with space grade materials according to space standards and custom mission design

  • Functional, performance, thermal bake out and vibration tests provided with documentation.

  • Extensive documentation as 3D pdf, STEP files and blue prints

  • Compatible with almost any structure and compliant to CubeSat Standard

  • Custom Interface available

ICEPS Spacecraft System Core 

All-in-one: EPS/OBC/Radio

From €20,500

ICEPS is the spacecraft system core designed to be the central operational piece of CubeSats enabled to use higher performance hardware and features.


ICEPS compresses the functions of many cards into a single one 25mm thick, using modularity as a central approach to a fully customizable hardware that can range from being simply an EPS or including all the features. Among many others, the central features are: Embedded Laser Communications, Integrated Epik Z2 OBC with 2 SDR radios, USB and I2C bus, SSD storage up to 512GB, Automatic control of deployables, 100W capable EPS, 6-axis IMU, etc. (full list in Datasheet).


ICEPS can interface and work with any compatible USB hardware, but it is designed to optimally operate in conjunction with EXA developed hardware like BA03 Battery Arrays, DMSAs (Deployable Solar Panel), and SEAM/NEMEA shielding. ICEPS is also the central piece and system core of the EXA’s KRATOS Spacecraft Bus including all of these components. Although initially designed to handle requirements for a 1U CubeSat, ICEPS is ready and able to handle all these requirements for larger CubeSat missions. As of writing, ICEPS is set to launch on IRVINE03 onboard NASA ELaNa launch on Q4/2021, on IRVINE04 onboard ELaNA also in 2022, on K'OTO onboard HTV for Q3/2021 and onboard INSPIREFLY for 2022. It is also the system core of an upcoming lunar mission onboard the Astrobotic Peregrine Lander set to land on the moon on Q3/2021.

Availability:  6 - 8 weeks


  • Full Engineering Support

  • Test Reports and ICD

  • Interface custom cables

  • Choice of aluminum spacers M2.5


  • Processor System (PS) Specification:

    • Fast Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU running up to 733 MHz

    • 512 MB of DDR3L RAM

    • 32 MB of QSPI flash storage for uboot bootloader, Linux kernel, and root file system

  • 480 Mbps bus speed

  • 512GB USB2.0 SSD storage runs up 60MB/s read-write real speed

  • 120W top sustained power delivery, 200W pulse peak power

  • 10Mbps LASER optical data download top speed at LEO

  • 5W top optical power, 2W average sustained over 15 minutes maximum

  • Fast solar turbo charge at 30 mins top from 30% DOD

  • 15A top current for managing deployables.


  • Dimensions:

    • Width: 96 mm

    • Length: 96 mm

    • Height: 25 mm

  • Mass: 100 grams

  • Operating Temperature: -50 °C to +125 °C

  • Radiation Tolerance: 2 years minimum in LEO, 4 years minimum using NEMEA shielding


All boards are provided with tests reports regarding the following tests:

  • Thermal Bake out (10E-7 mbar @ 50C for 24 hours)

  • ·Full vibration test for Dnepr and Long March 2D vibration profiles, other LV profiles available upon request

  • QT and AT is performed on the unit to be shipped at no charge.



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