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SST01: Secure FHSS Cubesat UHF Transceiver

From €4,500

The EXA’s SST01 is a highly integrated, low cost, 240/433/868/915MHZ wireless transceiver module. Designed for CubeSat and SmallSat missions, is ideal for space missions where a low data–rate uplink and downlink are required and can be used as a robust lower data-rate back-up radio for a higher data rate.

The very low receive sensitivity (–120dBm) coupled with industry leading +30dBm output power ensures extended range and improved link performance. Built-in antenna diversity and support for frequency hopping can be used to further extend range and enhance performance.


Additional system features such as an automatic wake-up timer, low battery detector, 64 byte TX/RX FIFOs, automatic packet handling, and preamble detection reduce overall current consumption and allow the use of lower-cost system MCUs. An integrated temperature sensor, general purpose ADC, power- on-reset (POR), and GPIOs further reduce overall system cost and size.



  • Space Qualified (Many Units On Orbit)

  • Compact Single Board Design

  • Up to 48 Programmable Channels

  • Up to +30 dBm RF Output 5. CubeSat Compatible

  • Frequency 240 MHz to 9 6 0 MHz

  • Transmit Power: 1 Watt RF

  • Output Transmit Data Rate: Customer Defined Between 0.123 and 256 Kbps

  • Receive Data Rate: Customer Defined Between 0.123 and 256 Kbps

  • Channels: 1 to 48 Channels, Custom Programmed in 10 MHz Steps

  • Modulation: FSK, GFSK, OOK, FHSS

  • Sensors: Temperature

  • ADC: 8-bit SAR

  • GPIO 3 channels

Availability:  IMMEDIATELY


  • Data and power cable


  • Input Voltage: 3.3 to 6.0 Volts.

  • Power Consumption: RX: 125 mW @ 5.0V, 82.5 mW @3.3V TX: 2.75 W for 1 W RF Out with 5.0 V Input.

  • Clock and Data Output: 3.3 Volt CMOS.

  • Power and Data Connector: 14 Pin PicoBlade.

  • RF Connector: MCX Socket.

  • Nominal Sensitivity (BER 10-4): -120 dBm @ 9600 bps -110 dBm @ 19.2 Kbps.

  • Front-end Noise Figure: < 2 dB with built in LNA and Filter.

  • Modem: DSP, demodulation, filtering, and packet handling.

  • RF Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal (Input and Output).

  • Max VSWR: 1.5:1 at All Phase Angles.

  • Automatic Control: Built in AGC and AFC for Gain and Doppler Control.

  • Digital RSSI: -120 dBm to +30 dBm.

  • Data Interface: SPI: (SDO, SDI, SCLK, nSEL, nIRQ) PA ramp up: 8 levels manual/auto.

  • Antenna Diversity & Control: 1~2 antennas, SPDT RF switch control trough GPIO pins.

  • Programmable Gain Amplifier: 3 dB steps, +10 to +30 dB.

  • FHSS (programmable): 10 kHz increment, 2.56 MHz max channel step size.


  • Mass: 50 grams

  • Size: 63 mm x 41 mm x 12 mm

  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC

  • Storage Temperature: -55ºC to +125ºC

  • Vibration: 20G RMS (20 – 2000 Hz)



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