Sideralis Foundation and EXA signed a space technology provision contract

Quito, March 31st, 2021 - Last March 22, Sideralis Foundation gave the kick-off of its Space Access Acceleration Program assigning an amount of € 100.000,00 Euros for three SharedSat-1U missions. The key of the Program is the space technology acquired from the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA).

EXA maintains two main lines of collaboration with Sideralis about the space technology field. The first is about providing products and services with preferential prices for Foundation's Programs, ensuring a non-commercial price for its high-grade technology. In this way, Foundation could give access to their beneficiaries to space technology not available for everybody in such conditions.

The second and maybe the most decisive, the space technology of EXA is disruptive and offers to our beneficiaries the opportunity to include their payloads in a flight-proven, TRL9, satellite (EXA-KRATOS Class), with more than enough capabilities (power, storage, communications, ADCS, etc.) that really enable a SharedSat experience (to put multiple payloads in one satellite and don't die in the attempt). However, the Foundation considers another aspect more critical, which is that EXA offers the use of the NEMEA Shielding technology.

The NEMEA Shielding is a technology developed by the EXA which offers effective protection against two important problems related to space, thermal cycling, and radiation. This is the reason because most satellite technology is costly and complex, different from the technology that we use here on the Earth, as our cell phones for example. But, if we could shield it in the proper way to a satellite? We could use Earth technology standard in space, decreasing in cost and complexity, and increasing accessibility. This is possible for our Program's participants right now; because EXA has been using this technology since 2013 and now they are giving us access to it.

The Foundation's subvention will cover part of the expenses related to space technology and space services that beneficiaries of the Program are going to use to take their payload projects to orbit. This is space for All.

For more information, visit the Sideralis Foundation web page


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