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FullSat: Dedicated Hosted Payload Mission

From € 130,000

Astralintu specializes in in-orbit satellite mission services. These services facilitate the access to space without the need of an in-house space program and without developing missions from scratch.

On a dedicated FullSat mission: you focus on the payload; we take it to space. FullSat gives you access to the entire spacecraft for your mission offering a dedicated satellite for a specific client's paylaod.

Fly onboard the EXA KRATOS 1U Spacecraft Bus. The Spacecraft has 0.8U available volume to fit your payload and has everything needed to fly.

The Spacecraft includes: onboard computer with preinstalled libraries, SDR Radio with integrated power amplifiers, powerful EPS with 4 power rails, UMPPT Solar Management coupled with a fast battery charger, Deployable Multifunction Solar Arrays, automated deploy/release control to up to 4 devices, embedded monopole and dipole antennas from VHF to L band, embedded magnetorquers, temperature and sun sensors in all walls, ADCS control with integrated Z axis magnetorquer, high power batteries, radiation hardened SSD storage and LASER communications at 10 Mbps minimum (add-on).


SharedSat missions include planning, payload integration, testing, certification, launch procurement, frequency allocation, and more. Astralintu’s engineering team provides full support during the entire process. Examples of payloads hosted in Astralintu’s missions include: technology demonstrations, educational missions, earth observation, scientific experiments, communications, constellations.

Fly payloads built from commercial off-the-shelf components in the EXAEXA's KRATOS radiation proven, non-thermal cycle spacecraft. No need to build rad-hard space-grade payloads, experience a radiation-free constant 10°C inside the spacecraft throughout LEO orbit.


  • Dedicated Mission, Complete Spacecraft at your disposal

  • Fly on EXA KRATOS 1U Spacecraft Bus

  • Service includes everything from payload integration to launch and logistics.

  • 0.8U payload volume and up to 50 Watts battery power available for your mission

  • Radiation proven, non-thermal cycle spacecraft, fly payloads built with COTS

  • Full engineering support all the way to orbit

  • Support for a variety of missions

Availability:  Next Launch Q2 2022

                      16 - 24 weeks, contingent to                           launch schedule


  • Full Engineering Support

  • Mission Planning

  • Payload Integration

  • Testing

  • Certification

  • Frequency Allocation

  • Launch


PROVIDER: Astralintu

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