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Astralintu Space Technologies is a new space startup founded in 2020 with the support of the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA). Astralintu specializes in in-orbit satellite mission services. The services facilitate the access to space without the need of an in-house space program and without developing missions from scratch. The customer just focuses on the payload, while Astralintu prepares and manages the mission. Astralintu looks to become a role-model organization promoting the creation of new space technology startups in the Latin American region. The pilot mission is on track to launch by Q2 2022.

Astralintu offers two main services: FullSat missions and SharedSat missions. FullSat missions offer a dedicated satellite for a specific client’s payload. SharedSat missions offer a shared satellite for multiple clients’ payloads. With state-of-the-art technology and personalized support, Astralintu will ensure the clients’ payloads will achieve the required mission objectives.

FullSat and SharedSat missions include planning, payload integration, testing, certification, launch procurement, frequency allocation, and more. Astralintu’s engineering team provides full support during the entire process. Examples of payloads hosted in Astralintu’s missions include: technology demonstrations, educational missions, earth observation, scientific experiments, communications, constellations.

Fly payloads built from commercial off-the-shelf components in the EXA KRATOS radiation proven, non-thermal cycle spacecraft. No need to build rad-hard space-grade payloads: experience a radiation-free constant 10°C inside the spacecraft throughout LEO orbit.
Complement your FullSat or SharedSat mission with Astralintu’s in-orbit mission control, ground segment and secure data delivery services. 



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